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Studio D'Kav - Architecture, Design & Arts - Zion Asoulin

I believe
Our studio is involved in architecture, design and art projects. I see in every project the opportunity to bring new work to the world.
It is important for me to devote all time required to learn the client's world and especially to define its needs.
Architectural design is done by steps. In each step , clients is shown all the options that answer their needs and trought a deep discussion, we help choosing the best alternatives for them.
Customer satisfaction is important to me, so that I know I have create the unique piece that fits him.


our services

  • Architecture & Design consulting
  • Architectural design: public and private building (apartment, villa,synagogue, mikve,yeshivot , school…)
  • 3d modelisation
  • taba's change, building permit, balcony, pergola and other building add
  • Building Plans (lighting plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans,demolition plans, air conditioning plans…)
  • Interior Design
  • works Supervision
  • business license
  • TAMA 38
  • custom Furniture Design
  • Private art design and production: Building details, mosaic,light fixture, painting, sculpture
  • Lighting design: functional lighting, mood lighting, efficient lighting,LED
  • Special services for architects and designers
  • Special services for contractors


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